Blisters on underarm
andabeans09 posted:
I have recurring patch of blisters that appear on my underarm. It started back in 2010 after using a Schick Intution Razor with the cream because I was out of my usual plain razors. I do have sensitive skin. A day later I thought it was a bug bite and looked and there was red sking and several small blisters. It cleared up and came back a year latre, but not as many. And this year it came back twice, once in August and just 2 weeks ago. I'm finding it annoying and I realize when I apply any deoderant or soap on it and over time it seems to do start it off. I'll feel the pain, and see the redness coming. I am paranoid it will go elsewhere because the first time it came back in August was on my arm and 2 weeks ago it appeared where it was twice before :S

Is this an allergy or something else?