really embarassing
An_249524 posted:
for quite some time now i have had this unbearable itch on the outside of my vagina and to the inner crease of my thighs. i have tired everything i could think of. yes my skin is dry but no lotions or creams have helped at all. at first i thought it was a heat rash but it never goes away. some days the itching is so bad all i can do is run to the bathroom and scratch. i know that sounds horrible. i am not experiencing anything else out of the norm. i just want it to stop itching. some days i scratch so much it looks like someone took a cheese grader to my skin, and it angers my husband cause if im in that much pain we cant be intimate. what might this be and how do i stop it.
bird_nerd responded:
If you don't have any STDs, try taking a urine test, it sounds like a common yeast infection