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Sudden severe cystic acne pain & itchiness
Stargal19 posted:
I have read all the posts and not sure if anything really does work to control this. I am 58, have had normal acne since the age of 16. My severe cystic acne started just over a month ago. I have never had such severe acne. I have large red bumps that have a root in them. If I can get the root out then the pimple would heal, but then I face an issue of scarring! My Doc gave me Doxycycline, clindamycin, but still no real relief. I am afraid of using a antibiotic so much (I am using a double dose atm), that I might open my body to other illnesses. Which I am just getting over a bout with the flu and now it seems I might have a viral pink-eye, that just developed a week and a half ago.
I have an oily complexion but never like this, it's around 3 times more oily with all this happening. Any Help out there? Cause my Doc doesn't have a clue yet. I don't want to leave the house anymore.
Thank you in advance

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