Help With Rash On Waistline (pic included)
An_249922 posted:
Last week I had a itch and I kept scratching, nothing was there at the time.

Over the next couple days the itching continued, but now I finally noticed and realized that I started having redness and bumps.

The itching and bumps started in one area, they slowly spread out to other parts of my waist line.
It started out on my right side waistline, to a couple spots on my back waistline, and some area of my pubic area.

About a week later (see pic) this is what it looks like.
I have used hydrocortisone 1% sparingly and not everyday.

It doesn't exactly seem to help, but maybe if I kept a regemine of using it, maybe it would've worked.

I'm trying figure out what this is.
I sent this pic to my doctor but have yet to receive a response.
I am going in to see my doctor next week for a physical, but this rash or whatever it is, is really starting to get to me.

Any help as to what it is, and how I can treat it.