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    HEEELP my mom has some strange skin problem
    JimmyTwoshoes posted:
    Okay, so first of all I'm pretty desperate at this point. if you wanna hear a sob story of all the craziness i've been having here it is:

    so about 5-6 weeks ago, like a week or two before christmas, my mom started waking up complaining about being bitten by bugs. At first she thought the problem was just in her bed, so she just started cleaning her bed like crazy. Then she started thinking the problem was fleas all over our house so she started bug bombing and cleaning all over the place like crazy. Then she decided the problem was bed bugs so she just went even more crazy cleaning and laying borax everywhere and putting poison all over the house. Now she thinks that theres some sort of winged flying insects all over our house. She says theyre either gnats or tiny wasp like creatures. Anywho she thinks the bugs are everywhere, me and my brother haven't seen anything and havent been getting bitten. We called in an exterminator and he said he found nothing. She thinks the bugs are are in the car so she's been bug bombing the car. There's poison all over the house, i think I'm getting pneumonia my eyes are burning and my throat is burning. She thinks that our pet bird is getting bitten by bugs, and she thinks the only two that are being bitten are her and the bird. Because in her mind they have weaker immune systems than me and my brother. I'm sure the bird isn't getting bitten either, but its a bird and it cant just tell us that it's not getting bitten but in my mom's mind the bird is getting bitten too. So she's been giving the bird flee baths and totally freaking the bird out and i'm scared that all the chemicals are going to hurt the bird. Not to mention between bombing the house and airing it back out by leaving the windows open the house is very frequently frozen over. Like probably 10 degrees inside. And I'm afraid all this cold temperature will kill my bird too. Me and my brother are afraid to tell her that there are no bugs because my mom is a very stubborn woman and if we try to tell her she'll literally flip out, and we really don't want her to think she's crazy just incase she really does become crazy.
    Anywho now her theory is that the bugs are genetically modified bugs made by the government which won't die. She says that they came from Dugway Proving Grounds, cuz she says that she's been using ammonia and clorox and borax and bug bombs to try and "kill them" but they won't die. Again all me and my brother AND the exterminator have been seeing is lint or dirt. To make matters worse she thinks that the bugs are climbing up her nose, and in her eyes, and even into her bladder. So she's been doing extremely unhealthy things like carrying around an alcohol squirt bottle with her and squirting everything that she thinks has a bug on it. She's even been squirting alcohol up her nose. So long story short, my mom is probably going to end up killing herself, i'm sure all this exposure to carcinogenic chemicals is either going to leave me infertile or give me cancer later on in life. I'm scared and this really just needs to stop... So anywho I think that the problem is something completely unrelated to bugs, but my mom refuses to accept any other possibility.

    ANYWAYS for those who don't care about the sob story, here are the pictures of what is on her arm:

    An_250263 responded:
    Your mother is very ill with a mental problem of some sort. She needs a psychiatrist. Sounds like she has a problem called Morgellon's disease or something similar. People imagine bugs or worms on or in them. The fact that she is insistent on a government conspiracy is a big red flag that her problems are mental. She needs emergency mental health help.
    MissCaptainKirk responded:
    Can't really tell as far as the pictures of the bites go, but it looks more like a blood blister than there more on her than just this one mark on her arm?

    Also is there anyone you can contact that can help you and your brother? Your living conditions don't sound safe at all, and I think that you gotta chance making your mother upset because it seems like she's having a mental break and needs help. It's not safe for you guys or her to be living this way.
    nreyn3 responded:
    Before things get worse you need to talk to someone because your mother needs help. It's a hard and scary thing to do, but if you are still in school you need to go talk to your guidance counselor about what resources are availiable. They should be able to assist you in getting information about how to help your mother. If your not still in school you can contact your local hospital, or even just check online if there are mental health services in your area. Most at least have someone there to answer a phone for you to ask questions. But please contact someone before your situation gets any worse! Best of luck.

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