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Nodule Acne
Flowerbomb78 posted:
Hello, I`m seeking some advice on my skin concerns. I developed acne when I became an adult I`m a mother or 6. It was after the third child I started to notice acne. At that time it was mild but as the years go on it got worse and worse. I was told by my dermatologist that i have taken almost every antibiotic and topical with little to no results. I`ve also gone through 1 accutane treatment with good results for about 2yrs then it started again. I call it angry acne because that`s how i feel angry. I was just in the middle of the second accutane treatment and my skin has went haywire so i stopped the treatment. Before this last treatment I had about 8 cosmetic procedures peels and dermabrasions. I`ve done alot of my own research over the years. Ok i want someone who knows everything they could possibly know about the skin to tell me something. I need some answers, Could i have a underline skin infection or disease. I know acne is a disease but why is it getting worse by the days, months,and years. My confidence is starting to be affected your skin is the first thing a person sees and acne does not match who i am. If anyone has any info that may be helpful please respond i`m at my end. This acne thing has taken up so much of my life I have to see and understand i want real answers. Also my mother does not have acne and my father may have mild acne sometimes but me it`s been something that i can`t get rid of . I use some of the best products on the market that cost me a pretty penny. This acne will look as though it is clearing up then here they show up again i can feel them growing pushing there way to the surface then they sit there for weeks. Very sore and sometimes achy i know someone has seen this before well i hope so Thanks....

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