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Me really needs some Eczema relief! You don't have to read all of my story, just skipping is fine! Thanks for helping out! ^_
BlondeWolfy posted:
These are the worst days of my life according to skin. So Itchy, so dry and so ugly with the scales red patches and flakiness. It seems like everyone else in my family even my father who has skin cancer  has healthier looking skin than me,  (sorry about that reference) he is older and I'm  his youngest child. Skin only an old frail lady that doesn't get enough nutrients would have, but it doesn't make any sense. I eat like a healthy maniac, more than I should on vegetables fruits and Omega 3's. Drinking soo much water and Green tea or Lemon water. Even taking fish oil pills and turmeric/Cumin and Flaxseed supplements and on my food. I have taken out bad things in my diet. I'm now Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Red meat/chicken meat free. Yet I eat fish not because I want to, but I need those oils for my skin. I will sometimes take a shower but only a very quick soak with warm or cold water. I stay away from all chemicals and dust many times/vacuum. I Don't stress that much or complain, well I'm complaining now lol. I don't get my body or my skin but it's the worst it has ever been. Here are a list of lotions I trust and use daily like my life depends on it, and it feels great, but I seriously have no clue if I'm making a big mistake on using these all at once or just the brand... Itching right now thinking about it lol!!! I used to lotion my whole body with a cream called Cetaphill. But I love my Aveeno lotion and body wash! It used to work great but right now it hasn't been working at all. Then I tried Eucerin ointment  and that was feeling slimy and good but still didn't work. After I started using this stuff called Magic.. Something from Costco which claims to cure the Eczema on my body, it seemed to work, but after one use of that it got worse. So bad that I couldn't use it on my red scaly patches anymore. Then I started putting on Apple cider Vinegar which also claimed to cure people of Eczema. some things I can say about that stuff, STINGING, STINKY, AND PEELING MESS! It probably would work if I didn't scream and cry right after I put it on. Then I found out that Aloe Vera juice could help. And that stuff stung just as bad. The pain! The horror! I'm such a weak baby! >.< After I found some incredible Eucerin Aquaphor healing ointment that is so grimy and slimy but it feels amazing, yet it doesn't do justice!!! Darn Atopic Eczema I wanna go RAWR IMA MUNSTAR!!!! I'm writing a paragraph or something now. >.< please keep reading because you are awesome and I need your help for relief! Today I got this stuff called MG217 Psoriasis medicated multiple symptom cream! Long title!! Haha! It's sort of different from all the rest of my failed attempts of lotions, but I'm still using it for the first time and still have no idea what it might do. Makes me make a weird sound when I first put it on. It's a squeaky shivering sigh lol. Not a dramatic scream or moan I make with apple cider vinegar.. @.@ don't use it if your skin hurts a lot. But maybe I'm wrong and that pain is healing.. I'm so jealous and I can't take it anymore I want good looking non-granny skin!!! I'm so red and patchy... Just call me patches! Lol I will never ever take it granted again!!! I love and hate my skin! I just want plump oily soft even non bumpy or patchy/scaly/flaky skin.... Give me yummy looking skin!! ^_^ I don't think you can stitch someones skin on me hahaha, but maybe give me some tips or tell me a bit about your stories and how you deal with your Eczema! Is your Liver healthy or non-healthy... Do you see any changes when you stress a lot. Lol i don't expect you to tell me all of that but just possibly a lesson of some sort. Thanks for reading it all! I'm so happy I have Internet to tell you this! Cause Me needs help. I'm giving up hope that I'll  get all wrinkly before I turn 19!!! >_< yeah I'm young and should be super healthy/pretty! Nope I'ma MUNSTAR... :< sob...well that's it! Thanks again!!! *smile your on camera* haha JK!! ^_^ have a great day!! 

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