Transient red patches on legs and elbows
davee1 posted:

I'm a 24 year old male. A few years ago I had several red patches of skin on my calves and inner-elbow, approximately a quarter to a half inch in diameter. The patches of red skin lasted for a few months before disappearing. They have since returned on my calves and have persisted for a few months.

The patches of skin are dry -- I've had dry skin all of my life-- but they, like the rest of skin, are not itchy or uncomfortable. The patches are not and have never been raised, bleeding, or infected. The patches are purely a cosmetic issue.

I haven't changed lotions, soaps, detergents, clothing or sleeping fabrics, diets, work environments, etc. in years. I realize this is kind of vague, but does anyone have a guess at what it could be? I've read about psoriasis and eczema and the symptoms don't seem to match.
EdithIkerNagyonFacebook responded:
Hi, what you need is a good lotion, because some skin problems come from emotional issues, some from other like unhealthy diet or chemicals. I been struggling with some ugly dry, and blistery skin on my right leg for two years that even steroid lotion or sulfur meds did not fix. So i tried a new lotion from scientists, called Nerium ad, and it started minimizing the problem in two days, i use it every night and am sure after one month it might be all healed. Look me up on facebook under Edith (Iker) Nagy and i show you more pictures. It never hurt to try it since the side effects are 1 person in a million with minor irritation that goes away after not using it for a day. good luck