have the scabies itch mite?
An_250768 posted:
cured scabies---used topical oils CLOVE and Tea Tree in a base of Castor oil-as a skin blocker to aid sleep; 18-in-1 HempTea Tree Pure Castile Soap (liquid and bar) daily--soak in hot water lather up--w/ water off--and added Black African Soap lots of lather--all this at local health/organic market---- Online Dr. Clark Store (his co.name) Super "W" Blend ,7 each at dinner---Green Black Walnut Blend w/Freeze Dried Green Hulls 3 each 3x's per day, Cloves 500mg 3 each 3x's day---buy large amounts for large family and friends affected..!! Also bought "black Flag" bug spray from Big lots--conjunction w/ bagging all clothes and fabrics in plastic for over 2 weeks--treating w/ foggers and Benzarid Spray bottle, Bleach, boraxo and thorough cleaning everthing--daily! They will have a repeat process if you have had them in your skin for more than 4 or 5 days--as they have reproduced--some stay in skin --some drop off and lay eggs elsewhereyou have to battle them for longer than 2 comeplete lifecycles and not drop your gaurd--they will do whatever is necessary to persist--it's what they do and won't quit---BUT YOU CAN DO IT---Bathe in hot water(As you can tolerate comfortably--w/ 1 1/2 cups of bleach-----dont get ANY of these items in your eyes--or you'll be blind and getting eaten alive!

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