Possible scabies infestation? (with pictures)
An_250824 posted:
Greetings! A friend is scared to death that he may have caught scabies from a recent intimacy partner. He last had sex with this person about 5 weeks ago, and was informed this past week that his partner was medically diagnosed with scabies. The problem is that this partner's trustworthiness is a bit questionable.

My friend started experiencing a rash near his leg ankle earlier this week, with a red bump and a bit of a white middle (burrow?). And during the past several days some red bumps (burrows?) have appeared on his skin. My friend did some research online and decided that covering his body with aloe would suffocate the scabies, based upon this PubMed article . My friend *says* that he's had several more red bumps appear on his arm and has had several red bumps disappear after dousing them with aloe. Hasn't apparently received any of these bumps on the hands or feet. Sounds doubtful to me about the aloe.

Included are a couple pictures, one being the red bump in the rash on his leg from earlier in this week, and the other being the several red patches (rather faint) on his arm within the past couple days.

Might this be scabies or is there serious doubt to his & his partner's claims and what he's experienced so far? He's ordered some cream from Canada, probably some Permethrin cream, because he doesn't have health insurance for a visit to a doctor.

Thanks so much for helping with at least some form of direction here. To be safe should scabies-focused medical attention be urged or does this not sound like a scabies outbreak (at least so far)?


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