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Pinprick red dots and severe itching /w pics. Help!
Anonymous11 posted:
Hi there,

I've had severe itching for about 3-4 weeks and small bumps appearing on my arms and hands. More recently red pin head rashes have started appearing on my torso. I went to a doctor and was prescribed permethrin for any possible bugs, hydroxyzine and an antihistamine in case its an allergic reaction. These have not helped and the rashes are getting worse.

Please help!

frenchgirl15 responded:
This is EXACTLY what I'm having a problem with but I can't diagnose it! I'm sure they're not bed bugs but I know I get bitten when I'm in my room. Have you found out what it is?
Getttitttgirrrl responded:
for over 4 months now i have experienced the same thing. at first i didnt notice the itching and just brushed it off. it had become so persistent i began going over a mental timeline for when it began. i had stayed at a motel 6. usually i stay in higher end hotels for this very reason but this day i was so exhausted i pulled the blankets back and snuggled right on into it. thats when i believe my itching began. i thought it was scabies since it begain at my ankles and increased at night whether i was sleeping or not. then a friend of mine i sleep with from time to time started itching and it was embarrassing for me. ive noticed it comes and goes. sometimes even for days i wont have an urge to itch. then something will set me off and get me going. i tried medicated goldbond and over the counter ointments. i now notice it around my neck but i associated it with a necklace i had been wearing but i havent been wearing it and i still noticed small bumps thatll only itch if i bother the affected area. also right by my c section scar on my upper pubic area, buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, now along some parts of my calves, right around the arm pit, along my bra line, if i dont itch its not so obvious but now its to the point where im scratching my own skin and leaving even more noticable marks along with the infection.
aguidette responded:
I have a similar patten of itch and rash but mostly on my arms..I had been to two different dermtologist in my area at least seven to ten time, I was told to change everything, soap,shampoo,dish soap,washing detergant .two different lotions and sauve to put on my arms and a bunch of allery test. Dr could not find out what my problem was..being sent to a specialist out of town she came up with this diganoises

Brachioradial pruritus,
I have never heard of this, She thinks it is trauma of a old injury to my head twenty five years ago..some sort of nerve damage in C 5/6 in my neck, she has prescribed a compound lotion mixture of Ketamine/amitriplyline for the first two weeks then adding amitriplyline 25 mil at bed time and see her in a month...has anyone else heard of this, sounds far fetched to me but I will give it a try, I have just started with the lotion a few days ago so I really can not tell anything as yet.. let me know what you think..I am hoping that this might be so and at least have a answer for my very annoying itch and rash..Hoping to hear from some of you

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