Recurring skin rash behind the knee...
An_251125 posted:
I have had this weird rash on the back of my knee for a few months. I doesn't really go away, but sometimes it get's red and itchy. Most of the time though it's just a kind of brown a few shades darker than my normal skin color. Lotion does not seem to help it. It doesn't seem to get bigger or smaller, it's in a misshapen kind of circle probably a couple inches in diameter.
I do tan a little a couple times a week in tanning beds and I have noticed the redness does happen after I tan sometimes, but not every time I tan. I'm also pretty sure I've had the rash longer than I've been tanning. I also have recently been diagnosed with Sjogrens. I didn't know if it made sense with that at all. I know I need to get in to actually see a doctor and I will, but I guess I"m just worried and I don't what it to be anything serious.