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folliculitis .....please i need help.
greggggggg posted:
I have folliculitus. Its only on my chest and every now and then I'll have a spot or two on my back.. It has been going on for months now. They put me on doxycycline for 1 month. Seen no improvement at all with a 500mg tablet twice per day I believe.. I can't remember I threw away the bottle. But either way the doxy had no effect on it what so ever. I've also taken bactrim since I had a previous case of mrsa in the past. Had to take that for 10 days twice a day. Had no effect. The doc prescribed me some anti fungal cream. It was 60$ for the prescription and it came with 2 small little tubes of it. The folliculitis goes away with the cream... But after a couple days of not using the cream it will return in full force. I have been rapid tested for HIV and that was negative. I don't have a problem with being tired.. I'm always full of energy. I don't get much sleep though. I go to sleep around 3 or 4 am and wake up at about 10 or 11 am sometimes 1pm. I work second shift and I sweat sometimes at work from manual labor. I eat maybe twice a day. I'm African american and very hairy. I'm 6'2 around about 202 - 208 lbs right now. I have anxiety and I have a lot of stress. But that's normal for me. It has been for years now. I have genital herpes that comes in on the bottom of my stomach. I also have a.d.d. I used to weight about 218 before I started doing a lot of standing and manual labor and had less time to eat. Now its sometimes hard for me to have a big appetite because when I'm wired up from work I don't eat much. Breakfast will be small but dinner will be big. I don't eat fruits. Not many veggies. I drink water. My skin around the bottom near my arm pits are dry.. My nipples are dry and my legs are always dry. I also scratch a lot from itching the dry skin... Also almost always have dandruff. Even if I put greese in my hair. The bumps on my chest rarely itch.. And are not in pain unless I burst them open while scrubbing with a scrubber in the shower. I'm a smoker and one of my nostrils are almost always clogged up.. When I blow my nose sometimes the mucus is a light neon yellow. I don't have many headaches. Don't get sick very often at all. And I am 29 years old.. Any clue on what I should do next ? Any suggestions? And what do you think could get rid of my folliculitis ? Also I have irritable bowel syndrome as well. I also lactose intolerant. Never had a problem with folliculitis until it started about 3 or 4 months ago and hasn't went away yet. I also have photos as well if you have an email address I could send them to you since I am using my phone to write this.
markell1 responded:
Hello, I can only recommend you this to find cure for your problem:

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