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Badly infected ingrown hair or ???
sayulita890 posted:
I recently shaved and have what seems to be a badly infected ingrown hair in my pubic area. Problem is I am on vacation in Mexico and do not trust the local doctors. Is this something that can go another week without checkup?

I have lightly exfoliated the area and have spent an hour a day with a hot pack on the infected area. It is very uncomfortable to walk and sit down.

I am an otherwise very active and healthy 19 year old. I am in a long term monogamous relationship so an std is not a possibility.

It has gotten progressively worse over the last 3 days.
An_250567 responded:
the infection could be staph. not sure what's worse, getting an antibiotic from a mexican pharmacy or not treating staph/mrsa.
SpPath11 responded:
I am not a doctor, but it looks like a deep folliculitis, which is just as you thought, an infection of the hair follicle. I have had bumps just like yours a few times. Sometimes it will go away on its own, and sometimes it needs to be treated, but yours looks pretty sore. Once, I had it as badly as you do, and I had to have it treated. The doctor numbed it with a cream and a shot (which hurt a lot) and lanced it (which is not very technical - just a cut with a scalpal). This was done in the States.

I know how badly it hurts - this won't let up. You may want to try to find a doctor there just because of the pain; all is needed is sterile equipment. If you leave it untreated, it will get more painful and infected, and the lancing process will hurt that much more. That being said... You will then have an open wound you will need to worry about keeping clean. I'm not sure where you are, but those are some things to consider. If you choose not to treat it, definitely continue the hot pack.

To avoid them, I switched to an electric razor. I recommend this one:

Good luck!
sayulita890 responded:
Gave in and went to the Mexican doctor. His first response was "oh god, that is bad!"

Not really what you want to hear. He prescribed some strong antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicine. A few hours after taking it my infection finally popped and began to drain. It feels so much better now and much less pain.
An_250567 replied to sayulita890's response:
So glad you're on the mend.

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