Small itchy bumps (sometimes in little clusters) that keep appearing about every 2 months!
12nab89 posted:
I noticed a few weeks ago that I was developing a few small pink bumps on my elbows that itched. I assumed it was razor burn since I just bought a new razor. Over the past few weeks it has been spreading to different areas, I think because im itching them. I now have these bumps all over my legs, but they are very hard to see on my legs and a few on my arms and the side of my face. They are sometimes itchier than other times. Alot of the time throughout the day I dont even notice that they are their, but usually they get worse in the evening or at night, especially when I am trying to sleep. The bumps are not getting better, it stays about the same. I had this happen about 2 months ago but they just reappeared this week.[br>[br>I am so confused. Any suggestions on what may be causing it or how to treat it?