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Dead skin between left pinkie and other toe
krmilla posted:
4-5 months ago I started having some pain just above where my little toe and the tow next to it on my left foot. There was a little redness to it and also very little swelling. I thought I'd injured it playing basketball. But eventually I looked between my toes and saw something weird between my little toe - it looks like a circle of dead skin with a hole in the middle. I tried pealing the skin but it's not really dead, but the hole is quite deep and continues under this bit of skin. I've had athletes foot before and this isn't it, nor is it a popped blister.[br>I went to the doctors and was prescribed an anti-fungal cream. Three weeks after that I went back due to what seemed to me to be a spreading infection. The doctor agreed and I was prescribed an anti-viral pill. The pill stopped the infection.
3 months later, the dead skin patch/hole is still there. There is still a little redness just above where the little toe meets the next, but no swelling. I didn't play basketball for at least 3 months, and when I did last week, I could feel some pain in the subject spot just from putting on my bball shoes. I also felt something in the area of my foot immediately surrounding the subject spot.[br>Obviously this is something that needs to be checked by a doctor, but having been twice (at 100 bux a pop), with no resolution, I was wondering what kind of doctor I should see first, that can properly diagnose this issue. Also, any ideas on what the problem might be would be appreciated.[br>Thanks in advance[br>Kyle
justamanda7755 responded:
I was wondering if you had discovered exactly what this is, it sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing on my left foot, between my pinkie and next toe. Like you, I am athletic, and tried antifungals. Mine seems to be spreading too, along the bottom of my foot.
please let me know if you have discovered anything, I plan on making a doctors appointment in the next couple weeks. Thank you -- Amanda

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