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I can feel the skin on my stomach shaking when I walk.
meitou03 posted:
Not sure where I should post this because I'm new so I'll just post it here and if it's in the incorrect section, I hope that someone will move it to the correct place. So here is my problem, last week I worked out my abs intensely, to the point that I'm not longer able to do sit-ups. This is around last friday. So yesterday, I woke up and while I was walking I could feel that my stomach was vibrating whenever I walked. I found this to be very weird as I'm a very skinny person- 135 lbs 5' 11''. Whenever I taps the sides of my stomach, there is a little pain. Also, my stomach seems a little flatter than usual, which I found to be very weird. I would like to mention that the night prior to when this occured, I accicentally stabbed myself with a pin that was pinned onto one of my friend's cork board in front of his dorm. I'm really concerned about what is happening because I am very paranoid and I find the fact that I can feel my stomach shaking to be very weird. I would also like to mention that this is on the left side of my stomach only, the right side is barely shaking, if ever.
Vespa_ responded:
Hey Meitou,
I think im suffering from the same problem. did you find a cure? its really weird and the thing you wrote describes exactly whats happening with me.

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