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How to Achieve Permanent Hair Removal
WillHelpTrustMe posted:
Four products you NEED:
1. Witch Hazel
2. Mederma Gel & Lotion (Can be found in Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section. It will be on the isle where band aids are)
3. Any type of Exfoliating Salt Scrub (Try to find one with oil in it)
4. NONO Hair Remover 8800 (Product that BURNS hair)

Steps for using these products:
1. Wash you face with Soap & Salt Scrub

2. Dry face completely & Rub face with Witch Hazel

3. Allow Witch Hazel to Air Dry
(This is to close pores and kill germs)

4. Burn Hair w/NoNo Hair Remover 8800
(I am not happy unless I see smoke from burning hair or feel heat against my skin. This lets me know the hair is burning. The hairs will shorten BUT they will crystalize and become very hard. It will feel as if the hairs are still there b/c the hair is burned below the skin and has not been removed.)

5. Use the "Burn & Buff Method" or the "Burn& Pluck Method"!!!!
Burn & Buff: You can BUFF the burned hair away with the BUFFER that comes with the NONO Hair Remover 8800
Burn & Pluck: Pluck the burned facial hairs.
(Usually, plucking causes ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation for me. But, when done in this manner it does the opposite).

6. After Buffing or Plucking immediately wash your face & dry it completely.

7. Apply Witch Hazel again to close the pores & allow it to air dry (Steps 1-3)

8. Apply Mederma Gel & allow it to dry, takes on 1-2 minutes to dry
(This prevents scarring & heals existing scars)

9. Apply Mederma Creme/Lotion
(This prevents scarring & heals existing scars)

10. At this point you can apply you make-up as usual.

If your hair is EXTREMELY COURSE & you have TONS of HAIR BUMPS:
1. Go 2-3 month using the "Burn & Buff Method" BEFORE introducing the "Burn & Pluck Method".
This is important because you want to eliminate existing hair bumps, TRAIN facial hair to grow CORRECTLY out of the hair follicle (which ensures ALL hairs are ABOVE the SKIN/exposed when you begin plucking), and decrease hyperpigmentation.

2. You want to BURN thick/course hairs as many times as possible before plucking via NUMEROUS hair-burning sessions. Waiting 2-3 months is also important b/c hair grows in CYCLES. You want to make sure you have exposed heat to as many hairs as possible in GROWTH phase.

3. Hair bumps will be completely gone within a week or two of this method, the rest if the 2-3 months is spent HEALING the skin and CORRECTING how the hair grows out of the follicle.

4. When using the "Burn and Buff Method" you will have to do a touch-up every other day (possibly everyday) especially those with dark, course, thick facial hair. I would always watch my favorite TV show online via my laptop while burning the hairs on my face (usually in the bathroom, at night, before bed). That is the beauty of a laptop, you can take it anywhere. I didn't focus so much on the time it took to burn the hairs on my face as I did enjoying what I was watching on my computer. It made burning hairs

On the other hand, when you use the "Burn & Pluck Method"àit will last for a week or two before the hairs begin to grow back. Plucking also gives the skin time to heal before hairs being to break above the skin.

MAKE SURE you wash, salt scrub exfoliate, and apply Mederma Gel & Lotion EVERYDAY on your face. By doing this you will heal YEARS of scarring in a matter of weeks, eliminate hyperpigmentation and prevent additional scarring.
It works, and it doesn't take years to see results.

Final result…
Clear, Soft, Smooth skin with no hyperpigmentation/shadow. No more shaving every day, only occasional Burning and Plucking/Buffing every 4 to 6 weeks. You can finally go to the beach/pool and swim in broad daylight w/o fear of someone seeing your hideous hyperpigmentation/shadow, hair bumps, or beard (b/c you will no longer have one)

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