Hives, started 07-20-2012
LisaMarie79 posted:
I am 34 yr old Female, located in Southern, IL. I have been having bad episodes of hives since July 20th of 2012. It happens as I wake up in the morning. They are similar to a mosquito sting. Same reaction, size etc. The prior year I had lived across the street and had no hives.. ever.. I have never been allergic to anything. Now, I wake up most of the time with hives forming and it usually begins behind the knees, The groin area, inner thighs, and today it was all those and as I began scratching "I tried to restrain myself" I caused the areas to spread and it went wild. My top lip as been swollen since 4:00pm CST it is now 2:55am. I did research and seen "Carpet Beetles" could be a culprit we have them upstairs. I also had stopped taking Humira cold turkey a month or so before hand and was afraid it had changed the way my body functioned since it is an Immuno suppressant. I have gone an entire day not eating and still had the hives, never changed my cleaning supplies etc. Nothing has changed except the stopping of my medication which I had been on it for several years and the new home which was probably built in late 1800's. Dust mites, carpet beetles? Any suggestions on how to try and eliminate which ones may or may not be the culprit?