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diet and psoriasis
denipink posted:
is there such a thing as a diet specifically for those with Psoriasis?

i really want to be able to follow a program or i will never do it on my own.

my Doc is vegan and wants me to consider a vegan diet. i am researching and find it very strict although it is uber healthy with no meat and no dairy.

what is your diet like? mine is too high fat but i do well with fruits and veggies. i need to eat more grains.

if there is a Psor diet, i will be the first in line to try it!

Denise in Ontario, Canada
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Dear Denise,
I treat many psoriasis patients, and haven't found any specific dietary triggers, but if you look on the website of the National Psoriasis Foundation,, there is a book written by a chiropracter which gives a diet for psoriasis. Try it and see if it works. Good luck!
denipink replied to Mary Ruth Buchness, MD's response:
Thank you for responding to my post