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my daughter have a rash, dont know what to do.
martinezyesy posted:
My daughter is going to be 2 years this month. She has 1 month with this rash. We took her to the doctor with a fever and soar throat. This was not her personal doctor but a night clinic. He said that it was a allergy or something and gave us hydrocortisone valerate 0.1%. a week later we took her to her doctor and she gave us the same cream but the 0.2%. We used it a week and it still look the same but it got darker. She told us that the skin doctor would see us in 6 months. We never had problems with her skin or allergies. She doesn't complain about the rash or try to scratch. It's in one arm and is not spreading anymore. It did spread fast the first week she got it. She's not sick or show any symptom other than is just there. I panicking knowing that they wouldn't see her until 6 months.
Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
Could you post some photos?