anyone got any advice
amy_brown89 posted:
am a twenty three year old wit a lot of facial course and dark on my chin lip and i started pluckin then i went to shaving then laser treatments nothing works no creams nothin is there a medication that can help me i jus feel like a man i dont want to go no where i stay in til it gets dark it has impacted my life a lot cuz i love the outdoors but i am too ashamed i dont want people to see me its even impacted me getting out to get a job cuz people are so judgemental any advice i would appreciate so i can get back to the person i was 5 yrs ago i miss her
Ewelik responded:
Hi Amy,
I had a lot of skin problem in the past.Try to detox your body from inside. Its very helpful also for you skin quality. I try Psullium form
They have also great herbal ointments, which help me a lot!!!!
I am using
They have a very good stuff there.
Good luck...
Ewelik replied to Ewelik's response:
Sorry correct name is Psyllium from