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Persistent Poison Oak, Maybe?
SEWoods posted:
About 2 months ago I went to the doctor for what seemed to be an intense allergic reaction.
What I initially thought was athlete's foot started with terrible itching between my 2nd & 3rd toes, began to swell and within a week my whole foot was covered in blisters and swollen to the point of not fitting in any of my shoes.
The Doc diagnosed contact dermatitis, telling me it looked like poison oak but there was no way to be positive what had caused it.
He prescribed a tapered Medrol pack, which did wonders to clear the most of it up...
BUT, it receded to the point of origin, between the 2nd and 3rd toes, and for awhile I thought it was gone for good. I thought the remaining itch was just from healing, but 2 months later it has not gone away.
My toes are still terribly itchy, especially at night or if warm/sweaty. They seem to be in a cycle of getting really, really itchy, swelling/blistering mildly, "scabbing" the way that blisters do, healing from that, and within the next few days are swollen and itchy again.
I've tried everything I could think to heal it- epsom salt soaks, Neosporin 2+ times a day, keep it constantly bandaged/socked, and have avoided scratching at all costs. Since the first occurrence I have moved and started to use hypoallergenic detergent and soaps, so whatever the allergen was, I feel very confident I am no longer having any exposure.
I have no idea what has been causing this, but also have no health insurance and can't afford to see a doctor just to be told that it is either all in my head or an unanswerable mystery.

Please, if there are any recommendations or ideas of what might be causing this I am desperate for answers!

Thanks so much,
Itchy Toes

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