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Hives (unexplained) for a year and a half now.
ecurquha posted:
I am 22 years old. I have had itchy hives on my upper chest, neck, back of neck, and the bottom of my hairline since May 2012. They started out only on the front but have spread to the back of my neck and head in the past 6 months.

I have cats that never go outside and are flea free. I had them for a year before I got hives. I also have the hives when I go on vacations, sleep somewhere else than my house, and even out of the country.

They are small bumps that can only be noticed when I scratch the area and they turn red. I scratch myself all the time and have woken up bleeding a little due to the scratching-I cut my nails very short now.

My allergist says that I am not allergic to anything (not even animals) except dust mites, trees, and grass. My dermatologist didn't seem to have much to say either except for giving me a cream.

I have tried all kinds of anti-histamines (prescription and OTC), steroid creams, anxiety medicine, changing shampoos and only using hypo-allergenic detergent and body wash.

Nothing I do changes my hives at all. No matter where I am, what I am around, what products I use, and what food I eat, the hives all pop up in the same or new places and itch so bad. I am going insane wondering why I have them and how to get rid of them. I am about ready to go in for a biopsy.

I recently found out I have hypothyroidism (mild) and am on medication for it-no change in hives. I have anxiety, tachycardia, 30 pound weight gain since 2009. I am now 136 pounds.

I exercise 3-4 times a week (intense yoga or treadmill), get plenty of sleep, have a vegetarian diet and have done so for 7 years, and have had clean labs for my adrenal gland. My skin is pale and sensitive to fragrances, fabric softeners, etc., but I have never experienced rashes, other hives, or anything odd until these.

I take Clonezepam (1mg), Skyla (IUD), Buspar (very recently), Vistaril, Pepcid (I had stomach ulcers-non bacterial), and Nature Thyroid (48mg-for 10 days now). I had taken Seasonique up until 10 days ago when I switched to the IUD-no change in hives. I have come down on my Clonepezam in the past few months-no change in hives.

Please help.

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