Skinfold "outbreak" with darkened purplish skin
millicentbash posted:
I've hunted high and low to try to find an example of this strange phenomenon I am experiencing.

On just one side, in the fold of skin between my leg and groin, I've developed what appears to be a heat induced type of rash. What is weird about it is that all along the fold of skin it is a dark purplish blue ccolor extending past the affected area. I don't want to be a "hysterical melanoma survivor" - the melanoma was on my left hand and is gone now - thinking that this is some sort of horrible manifestation of melanoma in a different area. I've had skin rashes from heat before but never with the purplish blue coloring. In some areas it is an inch wide from one side to the other and tapers out to a thin line all along the fold. Does this sound weird or something other than a typical heat rash gone wild? Thanks for any help on this.
skinvogue responded:
Yes. It will be more harmful on your skin. So as soon as possible you have to consult your doctor and take a treatment. But one more thing I can suggest that is tries obagi kits . It is all in one. This has solution for all kinds of skin problem.