ingrown hair wound
An_253235 posted:
ok so I had an ingrown hair under my arm about a year ago nothing weird I've had things like that before what was weird was after it popped it began to heal I had cleaned it and all and it had gotten to the point where it was almost healed and had stopped hurting or oozing so I figured I was good to continue on with putting on deodarant and shaving well I began to notice a couple of weeks later I still had a itsy bitsy hole where it was you couldnt see it unless you really looked and it didnt hurt or bother me so I just assumed that was just a normal scar (that was the first ingrown hair I had had before so I wasnt sure) and occasionally it would get lint in it and I would clean it out( still never hurt or bothered me) well this after noon I saw some lent in it and cleaned it out but I noticed for once that the white I was seeing after cleaning out the lint wasnt skin it was deoderant resadue so I tried to get it out and I did.... get ALOT out and there was some more and more I know right now there is more that I'm gonna try to clean out but should I be worried? should I treat it with something? what do I do now is what I'm asking I guess..... well thanks for your help and thanks for reading