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Mildly itchy / peeling rash in pubic area?
MikeD56 posted:
Hi all, So for about a week an a half ago i noticed some round quarter sized welts / lesions on my inner thigh. I tend to sweat a lot and had been doing a lot of work around the house so I attributed them to some sort of heat rash. Well, since then it has spread to both inner thighs and now my pubic area. The majority of the welts are smaller, similar to large pimple in size. They are just barley raised and do not come to a head at all. They do however peel, similar to a sunburn. They also do not have a definitive shape, some are pimple like, and some are just sort of free form. The rash does not seem to be spreading farthing, but at the same time, does not seem to be regressing at all either.

Distinctive charectaristics:
-Mild itch, and slightly tender if scratched. (not severly itchy as most conditions I've read about seem to be).
-Pinkish in color however they turn red when irritated (scratched)
-Peeling, each welt starts peeling after a few days. The skin is not particularly dry (although I have been applying talk), but the bumps do start peeling similar to a sunburn. No blister or discharge.

If anyone has any insight into what this might be, i would really appreciate it!
jussharing responded:
My brother had some skin irritation and he found a lot of information on yeast infections. Sometimes it may seem like something different but it is in fact yeast issues. Try going to this link it may help you to. I wish you well.
MikeD56 responded:
Hi all, so I went to see a family doctor today. He did a very brief exam and diagnosed me with a fungal rash, "Ring worm of the body". He prescribed me an anti fungal and suggested that if I did not see results in a few days I should schedule am apt with a dermatologist.

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