Permanent itching skin
Itchyallover posted:
I started training for comrades last year december...

Out of nowhere i started getting really itchy, its all over my body and its driving me crazy. The doc has prescribed all sorts of anti anxiety and antihistamine medication.I Found that allecet 180mg helped, but it took like an hour to start working and then i only stopped the itching for about 4 hours. I was then prescribed aterax 25mg which was like the miracle drug as it worked within half an hour and lasted up to 8 hours.

It came as a huge shock to me when they said a it had been discontinued do to the manufacturers being changed and they would need to get their products recertified.

If anyone knows of a medication to stop this itching, please let me know. I get so itchy that my skin swells up in red bumps. Its like as soon as one place stops it starts up somewhere else - it really is driving me crazy and of course its embarrassing to scratch all over when you're sitting in a meeting etc.
Beachn8ive responded:
I have the same problem. Out of nowhere my skin started itching constantly. I'm confused because I have no rashes. Did the doc say what it was that was making you itch? and did u have rashes?
Itchyallover replied to Beachn8ive's response:
After extensive tests they noticed that my allergy count was high so they have confirmed that I am allergic to something.... they haven't been able to determine what that is yet. I want to post a photo so you can see but i dont know how...
sam1985 responded:
I think this is Pruritus which refers to systematic diesese which goes over a peiod of time.
oneway2h7 responded:
I think I have the same thing. This came on all of a sudden and hasn't stopped itching. Doc says it is fungus and has put me on over the counter fungus ointment. It starts out itching bad and when I itch the spots it spreads. He says if you do scratch before you itch another spot wash your hands which can be spreading it. In some areas the itching make bumps arise. Man this itching sucks!!!!! If anyone knows a better treatment let me know.