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Small patches of skin flake. scalp, knees, forehead
1973825 posted:
I think I am getting more of these! I have two spots about .25" diam on my scalp, one on forehead, few on knees, even knuckles on toes. All continue to top delaminate and form tough skin over them. I continually peel them and they look like they should heal great, them just form a tough layer over again. I do NOT believe they are cancer. However, I am at a loss to figure out how to treat this??!! I don't know what I am fighting so hard to figure out.

The ones on my scalp I pick at constantly but they will never heal right either. I get plenty of small injuries and I might pick at the scab when the time comes, then they heal right up. However, these "special" spots just will not heal. They don't really itch, hurt, bleed, crust, nothing like that. They just form callous type skin over them.

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