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Uncontrollable itching?? Try icepacks
plinn97124 posted:
I am doing research on severe itching now for my dad and came across this discussion page. My heart really goes out to all you who are suffering with uncontrollable itching.
I had uncontrollable itching about 6 years ago. Started as a single red bump on my hand. At first I thought it was a mosquito bite. The more I scratched, the more intense the itching. Then I noticed more bumps. The bumps had small white tips. I thought I had scabies or something. Within a few short days the intensity of the itch increased exponentially. Soon bumps covered both hands followed by swelling. At first I could re-direct my thoughts so I could stop itching but after a while that gave way to incessant scratching. The itching spread to up my arms, to my torso, to my thighs, to my back.
My general doctor game me allergy creams, prescription strength hydrocordizone cream. He recommended an over the counter antihistamine. None of that helped. I went to see a specialist. They prescribed Predisone and Zyrtec. As I was nearly at my wits end I misunderstood the schedule for taking the medicine and over medicated myself. I guess this was very dangerous. I suggest that if you find yourself in this same situation that you ask a trusted friend or family member to help you take your medication. They also prescribed a change in my body soap, lotion, deodorant, washing soap, dryer sheets, shampoo, which I changed! Within a couple days the Predisone began helping. I was taking Zyrtec 2x per day as well. The Zyrtec made me sooooo drowsy. It was nearly impossible to work under those circumstances but I managed.
I went to see another specialists. They took a scraping from my foot and a chunk of skin out of my back. The results came back with nothing conclusive.

Somewhere during all of this I discovered that ice packs really helped. I had ice packs at home, ice backs at work. I rotated my icepacks.
The itch went away as mysteriously as it came. I am left with pock marks on my forearms. And I was left with concern it would return again.
It is nice to have people commiserate but something that helps with the suffering is what we are after. Give the ice packs a try.

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