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New brown mole on finger. Inflammatory hyperpigmentation?
Fendus posted:
Hello! Hypochondriac here.

So yesterday I discovered a new 2mm x 1mm mole on my pinkie finger. At least I think it's new since I don't remember seeing it before. It has an even sharp border, is colored brown and is oval. It's hardly the first time I've gotten new moles since I have tons of them, but they haven't sprung up on me like this before.

I got a doctor's appointment but that's in a month, and now I'm really worried about it being a cancerous mole and that I shouldn't wait that long.

Now the interesting part. I remember having something similar 10 years ago on the palm of my other hand. My cat clawed me and punctured my skin in two spots. When it healed it left two similar brown spots, which have faded slightly over time. I vaguely remember also getting a wound on this hand some time ago.

I have heard of inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but these spots seems to be a lot sharper than the images I have seen of inflammatory hyperpigmentation. What do you think? I'll visit a doctor either way, but I'm a bit worried sick right now

Here is an image of my new mole, and the old moles.

Fendus responded:
I forgot to mention that I'm 27 years old.
chunkturner responded:
it looks like you have blood under your a blood blister only, not in blister form.
Fendus replied to chunkturner's response:
I guess it has a small red tint to it, but looking at it in white light it does look primary brown.
chunkturner replied to Fendus's response:
which would make sense because when blood dries it turns brown. I get spots like that if I pinch my skin in things. and I am accident prone so it happens more than one would think.

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