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Itchy All-Over Skin Rash for Months
mspe4kds posted:
Hello all. I came across your posts while searching for any information that may help diagnose or alleviate my daughter's persistent itchy skin rash. Like others on this post, she is unable to sleep for more than a few hours (in bits and pieces) most of the time. Her rash started as small white-red pimple-like bumps on her hands 5 months ago. It worsened & spread to most parts of her body, except very rarely on her face. During the day, it is generally manageable & she says she does not think about it so much, but at night, it is non-stop & severely uncomfortable. I get calls from her at 4 o'clock in the morning when she is at her wits end; she is 19 and away at college. Sometimes the bumps are simply tiny bumps but sometimes they have a little pus at the top. When she itches them, they scab over but it causes a "frenzy" as some of you have described it. I feel so sorry for this kid; she is trying to study & keep up with her course demands, but it desperate for sleep & to stop the itching. We have seen a dermatologist (cortizone shot, generic Zyrtec & prescription cream) - which did nothing. We then saw an allergist (2 weeks of antibiotics, 3 days of Hibiclens, generic prescription Zantac to take with the Zyrtec to increase the anti-histimine properties). This helped the first 3 days to some degree but right back to previous symptoms after that. Just got prescribed an additional 2 weeks of a different antibiotic (their feeling is it's a staph infection due to original itching/irritation last May when it started) & a 3rd dose of Zyrtec daily, plus Eucerin cream & washing all bedding. She also uses a dye-free detergent. Aside from this, she has PCOS and has been on Ocella (generic Yaz) to help with symptoms of this for nearly 2 years. The rash issues did not start until nearly 1 1/2 years after starting the Ocella. One more issue she has started to have on a fairly frequent basis (4-6 X/month) is sudden, severe diahrrea. It happens out of the blue with little warning except some stomach cramps and sends her running to the nearest restroom. We have no idea where to turn. She has always been an active, happy, sports-participant, outgoing, intelligent kid. This is ruining her life. I am afraid we will end up pulling her out of school to get her home to try & figure something out. Any ideas or responses - would love to hear from a dr or naturopathic dr - would be greatly appreciated!!

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