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large (1-4 inch) red splotches appearing on thighsm arms, waist, and back.
pirateking posted:
mystified. in the last 36 hours several (7 at last count) red splotches have appeared on various places on my body. not bumps. the skin is not raised in any way, nor itchy at all. the discolored skin is a little warmer than the skin around it. showed up on my thighs first, and now on my upper arms, and lower back. I have not started any new meds, nor stopped any of my current meds. T2 diabetic (ac1 @5.7) taking metformin, tradjenta, and lantus solostar injections. Only variation was I increased my injection one time 2 days ago from 20 units to 30 to address some higher than usual blood sugar scores, which have since gone back to normal parameters and I am back to my usual 20 units. anyone seen this before? thoughts?

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