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The prescription permethrin....
Savannah3 posted:
Okay I have known for awhile that my two daughters have eczema their only 3 n 2.... Okay I never had any problems with their eczema I use all the creams n lotion n keep their body good n mosted.... For a few wks they body as broken a time or two my 3 yr old she wakes up clawing n scratching so now it seemed to b more over her body n my 2 yrs to lightly red... So I took them to their pedatrition n I asked okay wat else to use n she said vaseline light coat it... N then we decode red my 2 yr old has hands feet n mouth disease but only a few little spots on her palm of her one hand no where else on either body's is infected... Okay my mother n law asked if they could have scabies she said NO.. She bulled out her books n showed the difference between both infections of eczema n scabies n showed us the pic of the hands foot n mouth disease n said this is wat she has besides their eczema... Okay my question is why did she prescribed permethrin to them if that only cures scabies if they dnt have it after she showed us pics n didn't look nothing like that was on them n after she said NO that they dnt have scabies.......

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