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Dry and cracked thumbs, index fingers, & middle fingers
tom8and8christy posted:
The edge of my thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers are dry, chapped, and crack open. It is a bit painful. I have tried all kinds of lotions and ointments (some are prescription). I fear it is a reaction to my arthritis medication (Mobic), or blood pressure medication (Zestril), but I really can't do without either one of them. This began when my Dr. started me on a 2nd NSAID topical medication (Voltaren Gel). I quit the topical med. six months ago, but my hands haven't cleared up. What can I do?
Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
A short course of a topical steroid ointment or cream can help quell the inflammation and lead to improvement of the cracks. Ask you rheumatologist for an rx or a referral to a dermatologist. There is no need to live w pain in your hands!
Dr. Mohiba Tareen
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tom8and8christy replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
Thanks. I'll ask my Dr. for it. I have tried some prescription ointments for it, but I don't believe they were steroid ointments.
cathlast responded:
I had the same cracked chapped fingers. I took off my gold shell wedding ring because it was cracking and replaced it with a real gold ring. My fingers magically stopped cracking. It made me research what might've been underneath the gold shell. Come to find out, it might be a nickel allergy. Nickel is also in some vitamins, pots and pans, and in some jewelry. It's worth a try- good luck .