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Traveling itchy skin wakes me the same time every night. stomach, arms, back, chest
david2020 posted:
I recall my eye was itchy first. I would rub it several times a day and use clear eyes. This lasted about 3 weeks in late Oct early Nov then went away. May not be related.

Early Dec my inside left bicep started itching. Mostly during the day and several times a day.
A few days later it went to the other bicep, then outside of both arms. 4 nights ago I was awaken at 3:30AM by the itch which was now across my chest. During the day it would itch as well for about 15 minutes then go away. This happens a couple of times a day. The next night it was my back and stomach. Tonight it was my stomach and arms.Although they itch a few times during the day as well, its odd that I awaken every night around the same time (3:30 -4:00) with the itch. Must be related to a cycle of some sorts.

I really want a permanent solution to this not just creams.

More about me-

I've been on meds for high blood pressure for 2 years and my vit D is low so I supplement w 1 pill a week.

I started exercising regularly about a month before the itch started in my arm.

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