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Recurring itch at bug bite sites
An_254790 posted:
Recently returned from six months in Mexico were I was staying in hostels and camping. I slept in a buff a few times because it was so hot (this info is unfortunately relevant). I received a multitude of bug bites while I was there. I don't have any allergies that I know of.

I received some bites mid-way through my trip that itched (not burned) but seemed to resolve themselves after a 4-6 days. They were single bites, not grouped/clustered. A week or so later they began to itch again - same exact locations. There was no swelling or redness, but it did feel like there was a small deposit there. I noted they were in the same locations as before, but didn't itch or treat them - they went away again. When they recurred for the third time in the same locations I sanitized a sewing needle and lanced the two bites on my thigh just above the knee. Noticed a very small amount of clear fluid (a minute volume). Did the same for one on my toe a small while later. Several months later, those no longer itch.

There was a strange occurrence on my toe that I can only explain as a tunnel just below the skin that itched, then a week after lancing the spot, the skin fell away as a scab would. Could be unrelated

There's one one on my butt near my anus and one one on my crotch near my scrotum that I'm not comfortable lancing due to their locations. Same deal: they itch for a few days and I can feel a small hard deposit at the itch site, but not inflammation or redness, and they aren't spreading.

I've never reacted like this to mosquitoes, but I know they feasted on my while I was in Mexico. I saw evidence of bed bugs at some of the places I stayed, but checked over my gear before returning and made sure of no eggs or bugs. I also know there were biting red ants, cockroaches, and all manner of other things.

I'm a big home-remedy type, so if I can take care of these myself I'd like to go that route. I do have medical coverage so I can go to a dermo if needed. Just have no idea what I'm dealing with here.


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