Ingrown? Keratosis Pilaris? Both?
An_255185 posted:
Can someone confirm what I have, or don't have? I have these red and white bumps on my thighs, and some on my legs. The red bumps have ingrown hair, while the white bumps do not. I don't think that they are razor bumps though.Also, I do not know why my legs would have bumps right before my hair starts to grow after days of shaving. It seems as though either my skin is too "tough" for the hair to break through or the hair is not "strong" enough to grow out of my skin.
The bumps neither burns nor itch.
If anyone knows how I should resolve my issue, please reply. I have these for about 2 years and it's embarrassing to the point that I refuse to wear anything besides jeans and pants. I can provide pictures if anyone requests for them.