Feet skin
wcouffer posted:
I have cracked feet skin on the bottom of both feet which is painful and slightly bleeds. Let me what it is and what I can do?
atti_editor responded:
Hi wcouffer,

There are a number of reasons why the skin on your feet could be dry and cracking. Winter temperatures may be to blame, you may be suffering from eczema on your feet, or you could have athlete's foot , among other things. The links above have symptoms of each condition that you might review, and treatments if you find one that sounds like what you are experiencing. Overall, keeping your feet moisturized, giving your feet proper ventilation and avoiding any fabrics that may be irritating your skin, could help lessen your skin's cracking. You can also try an anti-fungal cream if you think athlete's foot is to blame.

If your pain and bleeding continues, I suggest you visit a dermatologist to determine exactly what you are suffering from and hopefully get some relief!

Best wishes,