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Skin cracks spreading on hands
3ammora89 posted:
I have these cracks mostly on the finger joints and side of fingers. They start small and they turn to cuts. They are spreading out I suspect because I rub the lotion around. Even when it heals, the color of the skin remains lighter. Can you please tell me what this is? I can't afford to go to a dermatologist. Thanks.

Here are the pictures, I uploaded them to photobucket:

An_255350 responded:
I have the EXACT SAME condition, but far worse. I have let it go untreated for a couple of weeks, in the hopes that things like neosporin, lotion, even carnuba wax and coconut/shea butter will abate the problem. It HASN'T, and too, do not know what it is oior can afford a dermatologist. I will be following this thread as closely as possible. Thanks for asking...
helenness responded:
I used to have cracked, chapped skin like yours, often bleeding and getting worse during winter. As I am a nurse I wash my hands many times during the day which made things worse. I tried all shorts of staff, some worked more some less. The one thing that worked best for me is an all natural healing cream which has skin regenerative properties . It's called Athos Miracle Cream. The site is this one Hope I could be of some help.
atti_editor responded:

While we cannot give medical advice or diagnosis here, you might want to look at this information on eczema, which can cause dry skin, itching and eventually a raised rash. For some people, this is a chronic condition. This article has some skin care tips that you might try, including keeping your skin hydrated and avoiding common irritants.

Best wishes,

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