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painful and itchy rash
An_255377 posted:
I went to my Dr last week with a rash that covered the trunk of my body, my scalp, and was starting to move down my legs and arms. I was told that it was pityriasis rosea. I was told that it could be itchy. And it is. But when I called to ask about the pain, I was told that doesn't go with this. My skin hurts to touch, move, or have clothes on. My profession requires me to be in motion all day long. Teaching classes right now is very painful. Does anyone know anything more about this? Or have any insight? I've been trying to find more information, but coming up short.
Thank you.
danarochelleh responded:
I know my condition is the same as yours, but I thought it may help. Most skin disorders start from the inside. I figured this out with no help from the doctors. I have been dealing with perioral dermatitis for over 10 years. I have been to the derm, who told me to quit using toothpastes with whitening and tartar control in them. I did that, no luck. Used "organic" everything with no luck! I was only getting relief by living on doxycycline and topical steroids, cutivate and then protopic. The doxy made me sick if I took it without food so half the time I would forget and would get another nasty flare up. Mine were so bad at times it would even be in my eyebrows. I have used all the yucky toothpastes and even changed all my hair/body products to fluoride and SLS free just trying like crazy to determine what I was allergic to. I finally broke down in Aug 2013 and went to an allergist. Had all the test (prick and skin tests) done and I was allergic to nothing!! I was so upset since I had to spend all that extra money (insurance only covered a small portion for allergy testing) only to have zero answers. Well here it is 2014 and I have had no flare ups AT ALL since Dec 2013, right after Christmas. You see, my friend finally convinced me to try Plexus products because I was trying to lose some weight. One of the products I was using in conjunction with that was their ProBio5. I had only been using the products for a couple weeks when I went out of town after Christmas. I was gone for 3 days and when I got home it dawned on me that I hadn't taken my doxy the entire time I was gone and my face had no signs of flare up. So I continued to NOT take my doxy and I have still NOT had the first sign of a flare up even coming. I KNOW it is the Plexus drink and Probio5. There are others with eczema and other skin conditions that have had the same results as me. I actually signed up to share the products so if you have any questions PLEASE contact me. I am not a scammer, I am living proof that it works. You can go to and get my email if you want to message me. You can also get the products from that site. I have been FREE of the flare ups FINALLY!!!!!

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