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terrible itching. doctors have no clue.
christy123092 posted:
For about 6 months I have had this awful itching. Visually it looks different. One day it's bumps, sometimes splotchy, a lot of times, there's nothing there. It is terrible. I've had family accuse me of being on drugs because it's so persistent and nobody can tell me what's going on. I can't sleep and I'm getting so upset I just want it to stop. I've tried steroid creams, antibiotic ointments, sarna lotion, oatmeal baths, benadrl. It doesn't stop! I use a lot of cold compresses but it's my whole body itching and If there is relief, it's very brief. I've seen a couple doctors but nobody can figure it out. Any insight would be great!
danarochelleh responded:
I'm not sure if this will help you, but you may want to give it a try. Skin conditions usually start on the inside, so I have now figured out with no help from the doctors. I have been dealing with perioral dermatitis for over 10 years. I have been to the derm, who told me to quit using toothpastes with whitening and tartar control in them. I did that, no luck. Used "organic" everything with no luck! I was only getting relief by living on doxycycline and topical steroids, cutivate and then protopic. The doxy made me sick if I took it without food so half the time I would forget and would get another nasty flare up. Mine were so bad at times it would even be in my eyebrows. I have used all the yucky toothpastes and even changed all my hair/body products to fluoride and SLS free just trying like crazy to determine what I was allergic to. I finally broke down in Aug 2013 and went to an allergist. Had all the test (prick and skin tests) done and I was allergic to nothing!! I was so upset since I had to spend all that extra money (insurance only covered a small portion for allergy testing) only to have zero answers. Well here it is 2014 and I have had no flare ups AT ALL since Dec 2013, right after Christmas. You see, my friend finally convinced me to try Plexus products because I was trying to lose some weight. One of the products I was using in conjunction with that was their ProBio5. I had only been using the products for a couple weeks when I went out of town after Christmas. I was gone for 3 days and when I got home it dawned on me that I hadn't taken my doxy the entire time I was gone and my face had no signs of flare up. So I continued to NOT take my doxy and I have still NOT had the first sign of a flare up even coming. I KNOW it is the Plexus drink and Probio5. More so the ProBio5. There are others with eczema and other sign conditions that have had the same results as me. I actually signed up to share the products so if you have any questions PLEASE contact me. I am not a scammer, I am living proof that it works. You can go to and get my email if you want to message me. You can also get the products from that site. I have been FREE of the flare ups FINALLY!!!!!

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