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Going on 3 years:(
paksen71 posted:
I have had the same problem with itchy welts for about 3 years now. The first time I thought I had developed another berry reaction. I am already allergic to strawberries:(! I would itch then feel a little burning then get welts. I actually call them traveling itches because they can start in one place and move down or across my body. The worst night it started on my feet moved up my legs then on my back and stomach. It was horrible. I have tried to change everything. Detergent, soap, shaving cream, face wash. I stopped wearing synthetic fiber, then natural fiber. It has been a long haul. I actually read that sometimes the body releases too much histamine when you scratch causing welts. I finally started taking a daily allergy pill and I keep a bottle of Benadryl spray in my purse, in my car and on my night stand. With the daily allergy pill it happens a lot less often and doesn't travel across my body anymore. If I treat itching like a mosquito bite and look before I scratch it doesn't spread. For every time I scratch without thinking there is the spray. I have insurance again so I am going to an allergist for a scratch test. I hope this helps a little. It still sucks, but at least I have it manageable now.
layzboy075 responded:
Do you get bumps or sores? Three years is a long time. Does it leave discolorations in the skin afterward?
paksen71 replied to layzboy075's response:
I get bumps and welts with redness when I scratch any itch. After a little while they fade away. It doesn't happen on command either so it isn't like I can walk into a doctor's office and say "here...look!" There are never any permanent marks.
tash1231 responded:
I think I have the same issue but they are mainly on my arms. I contracted pityriasis rosea in September. And after my skin hasn't been the same since. I have atopic dermitis which has been under control but since September my skin is constantly itchy and even though the pityriasis rosea is over I now have these rashes or bumps on my arm that get real itchy. I am working with a holistic doctor to figure out the main causes. So far she has me taking raw local honey in the morning, and tumeric and milk at night. That's been good. But I am starting a blood cleanse in a week. Whenever I get it in the mail. Im allergic to benedryl. I get hives. It's a rough road but I hope this works out and it stops. I wish the same for you. It's a horrible feel and annoying.
layzboy075 replied to tash1231's response:
Does anyone here get sore skin around their fingernails? Or more than a normal occurance of dry cracked cuticles and mystery bumps on the forearms? I am trying to find out if anyone can relate to that plus a itching or sometimes crawling feeling everywhere plus the mystery bumps in local or various places that may or may not irritate or hurt at all. This has also been going on for a long time but sometimes not noticeable for months then back.
Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to layzboy075's response:
A board certified dermatologist would be happy to evaluate your skin condition and potentially do any skin scrapings for bacteria or fungus or even a small skin biopsy.

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