Hair coloring causing sores on scalp
heavenwing posted:
I have been coloring my hair for 10 years. But the past year almost every time i do I get sores all over the back of my neck and hair line as well as over my ears. Itchy burning with clear liquid coming out of some.
Its painful. I have tried even wash in with no ammonia and it still comes back. takes 6 weeks to clear up but by then i have to color my roots again
Im worried that the long term affects could be a poisoning in my scalp.
Anyone know what to do
atti_editor responded:
Hi heavenwing,

Have you changed the brand or type of hair dye that you use in the past year? It sounds like you might have a chemical allergy to something in the dye you are using. The above link will give you some more information. An allergist can do a skin test if you suspect a chemical allergy is to blame. Please let us know how you are doing!

Best wishes,