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symptoms for Psoriatic Arthritis/Looking for answers to my mysterious symptoms
darliac posted:
I am trying to get a diagnosis on my symptoms. I had thought I had RA but after more review of my symptoms I am inclined to think it is Psoriatic Arthritis.
I am going to see my Rheumatologist on Wed.
My middle right hand finger was where my pain initiated the worst about 2 1/2 yrs ago when the hand pain and symptoms started. My feet had started to have pain and stiffness too, but the hands are the worst.
I had a bout a month ago where for now reason, the middle finger became red/swollen and hurting. mostly on the end of the finger from the last joint. After a few days, it went away on its own. Now a week ago, the nail at the bottom of the nail bed is discolored and my nail seems to be coming loose from the bottom too...detaching from my finger. All of my other hand and finger joints are painful and I have most of the swelling on the right hand. Wrists are tender and hurt to bend and all of my fingers are limited on movement. Dropping and not able to grip items. Sensitive to cold to my hands. Pain in neck and lower back that is nonstop. Pink/red eyes most of the time. So, My Rheumatologist had diagnosed me with Osteoarthritis, but I had the latest symptoms of the finger occurring after my last appt with him, so I am going to present the newest symptoms to him.
I want to get some feedback from the community.
Thank you
atti_editor responded:
Hi darliac,

This visual guide to psoriatic arthritis may help you compare the symptoms you are experiencing and help determine if this is what you believe is causing your hand pain. Good luck at your doctor's appointment today, I hope you are able to find some answers! Please let us know how you are doing

Best wishes,
layzboy075 responded:
I have a skin problem for many years that the doctors know little about. I have suffered with all my symptoms for over 10 years and they have become terrible in the last 6 months. I have told every doctor I can, everything I have learned about my problem and none of them have solved the problem. I was given terrible advice by doctors who were less educated on my condition than I am and now suffer terribly. I have microscopic thorns in all my fingers that I spread to my arms and face through touching. On one of my latest visits to urgent care, I was told it was nothing and to put gloves over it and go back to work. This forced all of them deeper into the skin. A few months later, I now suffer from sore joints in my left hand and am nearly certain this will begin elsewhere without help. That is how I noticed your post. If you did not mention your fingertip I might think you are going through something different then me. My neck is always sore and lower back too but worse since this problem has gotten worse. I've started to think that's my kidneys and in the neck maybe the lymph nodes. Of course when I told my doctors, they shrugged it off and said "Are you a doctor?" I don't know how long it takes to become one but it's less time than I have suffered with no help or answers until I looked for them myself.

Don't give up, learn all you can about your condition. My doctor even told me to stop doing research because it is working me up and I told him I wouldn't have learned anything about my problem if I did not. I get worked up when my doctors don't listen to me. His disrespect for my opinion has made me want to find yet another doctor. Do not give up. Although many people will try to help you, there is probably no one who will work harder at it than you. Use science and AMA reference numbers and the JAMA network documents to learn all you can about how you got your condition, how to live with it, and how to get better.
We all have problems of a different nature when it comes to our health, but there are certain things that, across the board, we all have to deal with. Pain, sufferring, confusion, ignorance, etc.

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