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kthompson97 posted:
My 13 year old daughter seems to get this rash between her fingers that itch excessively every summer. We have brought her to the M.D. each time it happens, with no avail. They offer over the counter topical ointments that have no results. She is currently taking Benadryl which of course, makes her sleepy but at least gives her some relief. After googling it, it appears that she has this condition that is discussed here. My question is, is there something about the summer that triggers this? She does not experience these symptoms any other time of year but it does happen EVERY summer? Thank you for any information.
danarochelleh responded:
I dealt with perioral dermatitis (very similar to eczema but around the nose/mouth/eyes) for over 10 years. It started out occurring just a few times a year but then it eventually became a daily battle with the flare ups. I went to the derm who told me I was allergic to whitening and tartar control toothpaste. I was prescribed doxycycline and a topical steroid (cutivate). They worked, but as soon as I would try to wean off of them my flare ups would get even worse. I tried using organic products and natural remedies but nothing ever worked for long. In August 2013 I broke down and went to an allergist and did the prick and skin patch tests. NOTHING. They couldn't find anything I was allergic too. I was pretty upset since I paid a lot of money for those test. (Insurance didn't even cover half). Well, in December I bought some ProBio5 and Plexus Slim trying to lose some extra weight (which I think was from the steroid use). In less than 2 weeks I noticed that my skin was clearing up. Crazy. I stopped using all meds and haven't used them since. I have since learned that I must have had a overgrowth of candida. The Probio5 is, in my opinion, the best probiotic out there. I was pretty upset that something as simple as that helped me after 10 years when the doctors just kept prescribing meds. If you don't have a healthy gut, then it shows itself in other ways. Please feel free to message me or find me on fb. Dana Hansen and I have a site I am on a mission to tell as many people as possible that suffer with the many forms of dermatitis how they can finally get some relief!!

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