Need suggestions....
kmiller2130 posted:
My face, neck, back, and stomach are always broken out in severe acne. I have tried lots of different things over the years and have very little relief. It's not just cosmetic, it actually hurts a lot. It got really bad starting back a few months ago right after I had a partial hysterectomy (had my uterus and part of my cervix removed). Then in June it really hit me hard. My back is so broken out that it hurts when I sit back against it and it's always itching. My face and neck are almost as bad. Some of my history is as follows: started having acne at only 6 years old (body hair at 7), my daughter was born 16 weeks premature and my skin problems started getting bad right after, I had serious problems with my cycles my whole life which led to my partial hysterectomy, I had shingles in 2012, I also have severe allergies to strawberries, cinnamon, perfume, mold, penicillan, and vicoden. I have tried all kinds of products. The precription creams made it worse, left residue on my face, and bleached out my towels. I use acne washes. They do help but they are not really giving me the relief I need. Without them my skin is worse and my oily skin is worse. Can anyone maybe suggest vitamins or foods or something over the counter? My husband just started a new job and insurance doesn't kick in til October so I can't really go to the doctor right now.
loveskin responded:
Apply honey on affected areas like a mask 20min about 1or twice a week, it has antibacterial properties that can help. Also, use a sulfur based soap for acne day and night.Eat a lot of carrots for vitamin A help acne as well. You should be drinking a multivitamin.
kmiller2130 replied to loveskin's response:
Thanks. I will give it a try. I'm guessing I'll just have to have my husband help me with my back. I do like carrots and eat them when I can. Guess I will eat them more. I've had problems taking multivitamins before. I'm not sure if it's too much of one ingrediant or another but they make me sick to my stomach. I can usually do ok taking things like Vitamin B12 or other single vitamins but multivitamins make me sick. But I will take you suggestions of honey and carrots. Thanks again for your help.