Numb spot on back...
harrst02 posted:
I noticed a numb-like spot on my back about 5 years ago (I am currently 23) and didn't really think much of it because it's only about the size of a silver dollar. I can't really feel much pressure or much touching in that area of my back like I can with the rest of my back, but like I said, I never really worried about it because it didn't cause me any pain or discomfort. For the past few weeks though, I have noticed that the skin around this area is always slightly colder than the rest of my skin around it, especially in the mornings. I also woke up 2 days ago with a strange pain in the numb area - it almost feels like a bruise if I lightly touch the spot (though there's almost a delay between when I touch the area, and when I feel the pain). However, if I actually push on the spot, I don't feel any pain. I am currently working on losing weight, and am spending lots of time working out (I was thinking that maybe there was some correlation between using a tight sports bra and the spot bothering me, but it is slightly below my bra line). I also have a spot right under my right shoulder blade that tends to itch like the dickens and I think, from what I have read online, it sounds like notalgia parasthetica. This numb spot is quite different from the itchy spot though, as it only itches once in a blue moon, and I probably go weeks without even thinking about it. I finally asked told my father about my numb spot tonight because with the pain, it was starting to worry me a bit, and he says he has the same thing, and described it as in the same place as mine. He seems to think it's some sort of birthmark. Can anyone provide me with any information to help me out? I can't make it to the doctor's for a few weeks, so was wondering if anyone out there had any similar experiences.
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there, Please realize that it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet. It's not possible for anyone to say what the numbness could be without you seeing a doctor in person. You may want to use the Symptom Checker tool to find WebMD articles that may be helpful to you in finding out what could be causing you to have coldness and numbness in one spot on your back. - Annie