C Section and Pregnancy scars
Susan Evans, MD posted:
Frequently, I am asked in my practice what can I do about c section or pregnancy scars (stretch marks).
Scarring results from a either a tear in the dermis (stretch marks) or an overgrowth of Collagen with raised scars (keloids ).
There is really no way to prevent scars completely. if you are genetically predisposed to scar formation ,you proably will have a scar .Once a keloid scar develops, intervene early(before the scar is raised and thickened) and massage your scar frequently with a vitamin e based moisturizer , this helps break down additional collagen build-up.
During pregnancy remain well hydrated in order to keep the dermis healthy and less susceptible to tearing, also moisturize with a vitamin E based Moisturizer.

Please feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts..
Dr Susan Evans