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Stabbed by a yucca plant in hand - question regarding swelling.
An_207874 posted:
I was stabbed in the hand by the leaves on a yucca plant yesterday, and it has been swollen since. Today it is more swollen (the size of a golf ball), warm to touch, and tightness when I make a fist. Should I go to the doctor, or will this go away? I can't find any information online in regards to whether yucca is poisonous.

**I took benedryl last night and this morning, and it does not seem to be having any effect on the swelling.
Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear Anon 19406:

Yes, get to the doctor right away. That amount of swelling combined with the warmth indicates a possible infection. While yucca is not necessarily poisonous, the sharp tips can deeply puncture the skin and anything on the needle can then be transferred into your skin.


Dr. Evans